Attractive and real look of little wood mouse with tail and whiskers! Superb action gives agreat opportunity to catch a large predator.


Floating version is definitely a Surface Lure. It do not sink or immerse in water. When the lure is pulled it creates on the watera trace of impressive wake.


Has a strong serpentine tail work, visit as well as the back sways from side to side.


Lure works very vibrant, energetic and it gives a strong acustic wave in the water.



  • BODY:

Faithful reproduction of Wood Mouse.


Faithfully imitates the colours


Large Predators on all waters. Attacked by Catfish, Pike, Zander, Large Chub and Asp.


Lure should be pulled slowly and steady with a slightly raised rod to minimise the line on the water.

On standing waters look for shallow places with aquatic plants.

In rivers lead with the mainstream at a slightly greater speed, drift across or slowly along the shore. Fishing with this lure is very exciting and breathtaking. Year-round bait. When fishing at night, watch out for Owls!.


Technical Details

Length(cm) 5,5
10,0 with tail
Running Depth(m) Floating  –
Neutral  –
Sinking  –
Treble Hook No. 1
Weight(g) Floating 10
Neutral  –
Sinking  –
Stainless steel split rings Diameter(mm) 8
Strength(kg) 19
Wire Thickness 0,8
Plastic Lip Thickness 1,0
Eyes 3D 5mm – black















Keep out of reach of pets!



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