Little 2.5cm Lure with delicate and well noticeable action. 

Superb small predator killer!.

Lures intended for use on rivers however you can successfully use them on standing waters to catch Perch, Rainbow Trout or even Rudd.


This Lure tempted to take not only the typical predators but also coarse fish like Barbel, Chub and even Carp!. 

Lure is equipped with a tag in the shape of fin. Depending on the preferences of the fish and the angler, it can be painted in different colours.


Tags can be replaced with feather or any materials being used in fly tying.


Inventiveness, intuition and experience of the anglers will be decisive here. You can also remove all the tags and fit the treble hook and if you do, please change the split ring with thicker wire.


Moving treble hook to the back will change the work of this lure for finer action. This works great when fishing in strong current or when we find difficult to catch cautious fish like Ide, Chub, Perch or Trout..



  • BODY: Faithful reproduction of little fish.
  • COLORATION: various colours
  • DESIGNED FOR: Large Predators on all waters. Attacked by Trout, Ide, Pike, Perch, Chub and Barbel.
  • TIPS AND TRICKS: It is best to lead the lure drifting in an arch across the current and slowly against the current with longer intervals to work under the pressure of the water in interesting places. Excellent bait for recreational/sport fishing. Anglers taking part in the competitions will certainly appreciate this lure.


Technical Details

Length(cm) 2,5
Running Depth(m) Floating 0.5
Sinking 1
Treble Hook No. 10
Weight(g) Floating 2
Sinking 2.5
Stainless steel split rings Diameter(mm) 4
Strength(kg) 9
Wire Thickness 0,6
Plastic Lip Thickness 0,8
Eyes 2D 3mm

















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