Thanks to its unique construction and shape of the body the lure swings.

Deviating from a straight line to the left once again to the right and trembling finely.





  • BODY: Faithful reproduction of Bleak.
  • COLORATION: White with blue belly
  • DESIGNED FOR: Large Predators. Asp on all waters and stream predators like Zander. Attacked by Pike, Perch, Chub, Barbel and Trout.
  • TIPS AND TRICKS: Good to lead like a fan.




Technical Details



Length(cm) 6,5
Running Depth(m) Floating 1
Neutral 1,5
Sinking 2
Treble Hook No. 5
Weight(g) Floating 4
Neutral 4.5
Sinking 5
Stainless steel split rings Diameter(mm) 5
Strength(kg) 10
Wire Thickness 0,7
Plastic Lip Thickness 1,0
Eyes 3D 5mm – silver or pearl
















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