Attractive and real look of little Rat  with tail and whiskers! Superb action gives a great opportunity to catch a large predator.


Floating version is definitely a Surface Lure. It do not sink or immerse in water. When the lure is pulled it creates on the water a trace of impressive wake.


Has a strong serpentine tail work, remedy as well as the back sways from side to side.


Lure works very vibrant, energetic and it gives a strong acustic wave in the water.


Rat has longer and thicker tail than a mouse lure from our collection.



  • BODY:

Faithful reproduction of Rat.


Faithfully imitates the colours


Large Predators on all waters. Attacked by Catfish, Pike, Zander, Large Chub and Asp.


Lure should be pulled slowly and steady with a slightly raised rod to minimise the line on the water.

On standing waters look for shallow places with aquatic plants.

In rivers lead with the mainstream at a slightly greater speed, drift across or slowly along the shore. Fishing with this lure is very exciting and breathtaking. Year-round bait. When fishing at night, watch out for Owls!.



Technical Details


Length(cm) 5,5
 +/- 10,0 with tail
Running Depth(m) Floating  –
Neutral  –
Sinking  –
Treble Hook No. 1
Weight(g) Floating 10
Neutral  –
Sinking  –
Stainless steel split rings Diameter(mm) 8
Strength(kg) 19
Wire Thickness 0,8
Plastic Lip Thickness 1,0
Eyes 3D 5mm – black















Keep out of reach of pets!




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