Little lure with superb delicate action, holding well in swirling water.

Perfect Lure for large predators.

Minnow, Stickleback and Gudgeon are the basic food for Trout in small rivers and streams.




  • BODY:

Faithful reproduction of Minnow.


Imitates the Minnow (stripes, colour transitions)


Large predators. In rivers with rapid current attacked by Perch, Zander, Barbel, Chub, Trout andPike.


Good to lead like a fan. They are designed for fishing in small and medium-sized rivers and streams for Trout, Chub and Barbel.

Even Zander especially in warm seasons on shallow waters. They can be successfully used on the standing-waters for Perch and Pike fishing.


Technical Details


Length(cm) 5,0
Running Depth(m) Floating 1
Neutral 1,5
Sinking 2
Treble Hook No. 10
Weight(g) Floating 2,5
Neutral 3
Sinking 4
Stainless steel split rings Diameter(mm) 4
Strength(kg) 10
Wire Thickness 0,7
Plastic Lip Thickness 1,0
Eyes 3D 3mm – gold















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