Lure with strong tail action slightly flickering to sides.

Works even when pulling slowly.

Strong design suitable for trolling.

Shape and work of this lure imitates almost dead or injured fish floating on the water surface.




  • BODY: Imitates the shape of the Carp
  • COLORATION: Faithfully imitates Carp natural colours
  • DESIGNED FOR: Large predators. Attacked by: Pike, Perch, Trout, Catfish, Barbel & Zander. Ideal for Trolling.
  • TIPS AND TRICKS: Perfect crankbait for deep and clean waters. Sinking models are perfect for jerking.




Technical Details

Length(cm) 6,5
Running Depth(m) Floating 0,5
Neutral 2
Sinking 3
Treble Hook No. 6
Weight(g) Floating 6
Neutral 8
Sinking 10
Stainless steel split rings Diameter(mm) 6
Strength(kg) 15
Wire Thickness 0,8
Plastic Lip Thickness 1,0
Eyes 2D 4mm -yellow
















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